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  Buenos Aires / Chacabuco  
Name : _ Nh-chacab
Size : _ 1.030 hectares.
Price : _U$D U$D 8,500,000=
Condition : _
  Route 51, 27 km away from de Carmen de Areco, 35 km away from Chivilcoy, 40 km away from Chacabuco and 150 km away from Bs.As City. New Silo plant of 2.800 kg /hs. 240 tn..  
  SUITABLE : The main dwelling has a style w/ living area and chimney.4 bedrooms ,3 bathrooms, and kitchen. Aged forest, Caretaker?s house: w/ 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom / kitchen and 4 large shed in cement floor, two of them are new. As a whole the place is in excellent conditions. There is an important new Silo plant of 2.800 kg /hs. 240 tn. Electronic panel, Bags Loader, Mixer of 400Kg, etc. Feed lot of 9 timber-yard w/ 120 animals per corrals. Irrigation on 110 Ha. Electronic Scale .Electrics pumps .Good quality of water. Average raining 1.200 mm.
Bs.As cell : Alex A.Obuchowicz
Bs.As cell / desde el exterior : Alex A.Obuchowicz ( +54 ) 911.
idasp@idasp.com.ar info@idasp.com.ar