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  Buenos Aires / La Lucila Ranch  
Name : _ CPBS15
Size : _ 415 hectares
Price : _U$D U$D 3,000,000=
Condition : _
  This property is located only 73 km from Buenos Aires and just 7 km from Ca?uelas, home. ideal place for sporting activities and relaxation, as well as for the development of agricultural and cattle breeding activities.  
  SUITABLE : Ranch (main house):The main house on the farm is an old, ample and substantial building, which has recently been remodelled. It is surrounded by extensive grounds landscaped by Carlos Thays, a well-known landscape architect. On its 12 hectares there is also a swimming pool and a tennis court. / Secondary house (guest house):This additional building has recently been remodelled and is perfectly apt for habitation. / Keeper?s lodge:This is a comfortable and roomy building for the staff in charge of the farm. It is five roomed (living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and laundry).Shed (in proximity to the ranch):This storing place features an electrical 3-phased connection. / Drainage:Important drainage works have been carried out within and without the establishment, making it more suitable for farming activities.Other features:The farm has two independent lines of electric supply as well as several mills, water tanks and drinking troughs
Bs.As cell : Alex A.Obuchowicz
Bs.As cell / desde el exterior : Alex A.Obuchowicz ( +54 ) 911.
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