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  La Paloma / La Paloma  
Lote : _ 60 has
Tamano : _ Lot
Precio : _U$D U$D 8,000= / ha
Condition : _
  A 60 has Lot on the route 15 .It is located 6 Kms away from La Paloma and 13 Kms away from de La Pedrera, One of his side is on the stream which is totally navigable until ?La Rocha? lagoon , from there to the sea ( Departamento de Rocha, Uruguay) The field has constructions on it as: House, shed, etc and 100% of the field was enhanced with hills and trees .Nowadays it is a horse ranch w/ stables / Author: Alex J.Arias Obuchowicz , Architect  
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Alex J.Arias Obuchowicz
Bs.As cell : Alex A.Obuchowicz
Bs.As cell / desde el exterior : Alex A.Obuchowicz ( +54 ) 911.
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