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Alejandro Julio Arias obuchowicz / Architect
Professional Experience 
January 2013 / Computer network / University of Washington / Based on:introductory networking course
for upper-level computer science and engineering majors / coursera.org

May 2013 / Information Security and Risk Management in Context / Based on:

January 2014 / Computer Network / University of Washington / coursera.org
Based on:introductory networking course for upper-level computer science and
engineering majors / statement of accomplishment 88 %.

August 2014 / Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit / University of Washington / coursera.org
Based on: Understanding of the various ways in which approaching risk management
within an organizational contex / There is not a credential awarded for this course.

August 2014 / Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies / University of Washington / coursera.org
Based on:apply information security knowledge.Analysis and problem solving using cases
contracted from real world problems in Information Assurance / there is not a credential awarded for this course.

September 2014 / Introduction to Cybersecurity / The National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior
College / Washington, DC / canvas.net / statement of accomplishment 90%.

November 04 2014 / UT.7.01x Foundations of Data Analysis / UT Austin TeXas / edx.org
Based on:the basics of statistical thinking with statistical tools ,basic statistical techniques
An introductory undergraduate statistics course
1-Phyton / Rice University / Huston
2-Malicious Software AND ITS Underground Economy University of London
3-Learning How to Learn / Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects
4-A System View of Communications /From Signals to Packets (Part 1)/ Hong Kong (GMT+8)
5-Cryptography / Based on encryption methods that ensure both confidentiality and integrity

2014 -2013 / Buenos Aires / Caracas/ Miami / Greece.
• Project Manager UTT / Brillembourg Architect :Teamwork in a School project ( 6,000 m2) helping a multi-discipline project teams w/ the Local developers and Contractors in Caracas
•Town Houses: conceptual design in Elounda peninsula (Greece ) a team project which involved architects in Greece & Miami & Buenos Aires
• idasp.com.ar and Womenprojectone.com.ar in Argentina:( “Founder and Designer) .
they are two dot com businesses Real Estate Consultant and Tourist Operator both headquarters in Bs.As .
• Virtual Visions Associates, Inc (U.S.A): Preliminary Designs. for Virtual Visions Associates, Inc
• Application Developer ( U.S.A ): ( “Mnesikles” Co-founder) .Developing an estimate architectural program, it allows the professionals in the construction field to estimate architectural projects with the easy-use database systems to assess their jobs

2004 -2005 / Buenos Aires / Mar del Plata
Project Architect: Renovation and adaptive reuse of a residential area which resulted in 6 Lofts of 100 m2
each one.

1998- 2004 / Miami / Consultant and Relationship Manager and Strategic Planner
• Voyamiami.com and floridabestdeal.com (co-founder): We developed an e-commerce business with two different activities. One was Tourist operator. The other one was Florida Real Estate to foreigners.
• voyage2go.com ( Co-founder with Canadian partners ).We developed and conducted a third project for an e-commerce business combining Real Estate and Tourism going to Florida / Miami
• Murion Developments Corp./ South Beach.
• Virtual Visions Associates, Inc, a division of Morris Lapidus. Architect.
Commercial and residential projects in South Beach area: These projects included: a 40,000 m2 hotel designed by Morris Lapidus ; 5,000 m2 new design Garage West Av, 6,000 m2 renovation of Traymore Hotel, 3,500 m2 renovation of Fairwing Hotel; 20,000 m2 new design A.L.F Residences Town Houses. In all of them interacting with international teams in design, management and production phases.
• Building up Corp. 4,000 m2 New design of Town Houses in Fort Lauderdale area.
• JSK Architectural Group.

1997-1998 / Caracas / Consultant / Programme Coordinator
• Brillembourg architect & Assoc..
Conceptual designs: Coca Cola Company: New office of 10,000 m2, Telcel Maturin office: 5,000 m2, Telcel Canaima office: 10,500 m2 and “Caracas Cinemas” 2,000 m2
• Ayala architects. Consulting designer. 5,000 m2 Town House for Marshal Corp.
• Carlos Gomez Llarena architect:Consulting designer .Project: Hotel Mellia Caracas

1996-1997 / Asuncion / Consultant
• Consulting designer. Vera Vierci. Ing : Project: Asuncion Justice Palace

1994 - 1996 / Lima / Consultant / Programmer Coordinator
• Alejandro Orosco Quinones Ing. & European Union Commission
We researched and developed proof-of-concept applications in town houses in Lima. The Trivisa’s project was undertaken by the European Center in Peru. According to orientations and policies to reduce poverty with a specific focus on sustainable income

1984-1994 / Buenos Aires / Mar del Plata / Villa Gesell ( Cities in BsAs Prov. cost line )
• Bios Constructions (subcontractors)
As superintendent architect in the construction of 4 towers of 12.000 m2, located inBuenos Aires.
• Alejandro Arias Obuchowicz Architect & associates:Baff Argentina a 400m2 show room / Lofts in Vicente Lopez designing 40 units on 10,000 m2 factory , Urbanization Private neighborhood of 33 Ha (La Segunda Tradicion) in Moreno which included the business plan, financial program of $13.5 million. All of the projects included: creating flowcharts, visual models and written documentation.Involved in design, management housing, offices and commercial offices (Cost estimating, Project manager, Superintendent and procurement manager) for different private investors.

software programs list ( some of them )
ACAD, Dreamweaver, Flash, firework, Photoshop, Databases (MADB, MySQL ),Excel,Wireshark,
firewall analysis,NIST Analysis(Risk Management tools),etc // programs in progress: XLSim Version(Monte Carlo Simulation),Python,IDS,DSniff,Snort,etc
Thank you very much for your attention
Alejandro J.Arias obuchowicz / Architect